At the start I was quite nervous about running lampshade making workshops, and I still do get a bit nervous as everyone starts to arrive, but actually once we are up and running I love it. I’ve had ladies of all ages come to my workshops. Many just want to learn a new craft that they can then do at home, others come as they want to add it as a service to their existing business, some just want something bespoke for their home, and others are treated to a few hours getting creative, by their Mum or Daughter – which is lovely!

Can anyone enjoy a lampshade making workshop?

YES! If you like creating things, or generally enjoy crafting then you’ll love it – you don’t have to be an experienced crafter and you DO NOT need any sewing skills!

So what happens on a drum lampshade making workshop?

Well I teach you to make a drum lampshade from scratch; I don’t use lampshade kits, which I find can be a bit restrictive. All the materials we use are what I use to make lampshades and they are of the highest quality.

I teach you how to work with the pattern of your fabric so that when your lampshade is completed it is pleasing to the eye – no wonky patterns disappearing into the seams! There are a few tricks that I have picked up over the last 4 years that I feel give the most professional finish, all of which I will pass on during the workshop. But these are all things that you can then go on to do at home, which is how I got started!

A well-deserved break…

Once we are half way through the process we pause for some tea, coffee and homemade cake. This is always a nice break when we all chat about the other workshops we’ve been on and what other crafts we do at home. I always enjoy listening to other people’s interests.

After a well-deserved break we complete our lampshades – there is always a period of excitement as each shade comes together and you finally see what the finished lampshade will look like. I haven’t had anyone walk out of a workshop disappointed with what they have made, and it’s lovely to receive photos of finished shades in their home after the workshop, and even more delightful to hear that they plan to make more shades! This is exactly how I got the lampshade making bug 🙂

One of the other bonuses is that my Mum always joins me on my workshops. She is a pro-lampshade maker too and is on hand to help and answer questions.

When is the next workshop?

If you fancy a go at making your own lampshade then my next workshop is on Saturday 6th April at 10am @ The Craft Box which is located in Elsecar Heritage Centre, Barnsley. You can find further information on this workshop here, or find out more about my other workshops over here.

If you still need some convincing that this is the workshop for you, read some of my testimonials to find out what previous participants thought.

Caroline x